Order Button Triggers

By Jimmy D. Brown


What makes someone buy?

The best way to get someone to buy from you is to learn what it is that makes them buy. This incredible truth is embodied in this course and in its remarkable author. It is a privilege for me to write the introduction for my friend Michael Nicholas. I have tremendous admiration for his determination to develop this project, and for the content that he has compiled into this manual.

What makes someone buy?

Michael Nicholas has created one of the finest training tutorials available anywhere on the psychology of getting folks to buy on the Internet, filled with numerous case study examples that perfectly illustrate the principles in which he and his celebrated panel are sharing.

What makes someone buy?

Every business webpage has one goal in mind: to get the sale. The purpose is simple: to get visitors to click on your order button and purchase your materials. And Order Button Triggers carefully, clearly and comprehensively shares every nugget of information so you can do precisely just that.

What makes someone buy?

As you read this book you will find dozens of ideas, references, resources, illustrations and details that delve deep into the mind of man, exploring why people respond to certain offers and walk away from others. You'll discover exactly why some sites get the sale and other sites fold because no one responds with an order.

What makes someone buy?

Nicholas clearly identifies, teaches and expounds upon the strategies the most successful web marketers in the world use to create an avalanche of orders that come in like clockwork. Every psychological motivator is revealed, every mental trigger uncovered in this masterful weaving of content and case study. One part powerful advice and one part practical application, Order Button Triggers provides simple solutions for anyone wanting to make more money from their website.

What makes someone buy?

Nicholas will show you. Follow his lead and he will take you to that rare and virtually uninhabited place where only a select few have arrived…that place where dreaming about success online becomes a reality. You hold in your hands a roadmap that systematically reveals how to get visitors to click on the order button at your site.

What makes someone buy?

You will know after you read this book.

Jimmy D. Brown


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