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"This is a work of genius! I heard about this book right before it was completed and begged to be included in it. Why? Because I wanted to know all these secret 'buying triggers' too! This is brilliant!"

#1 Best-Selling Author - "Spiritual Marketing"

Dr. Joe Vitale

If you want to open-up a floodgate of orders for your products,
the following information you are about to read is all about how to
Get Your Customers To
Buy NOW and keep on Buying! ...

From the desk of: Michael Nicholas

Dear Internet Friend,

Did you know that YOU can turn words into cash?

In fact, if you don't know how to do this ... you can't make a dime online!

In just a little time ... my system can easily show you how to formulate words on steroids that are known to sell ... And they're so powerful that they can trigger online orders for anything you offer!

YOUR success on the internet depends solely on the words you communicate in your offers… Standard sales copy courses show you the basic components in sales copy.
But none of them can show what Order Button Triggers WILL...

And that's how to easily model top selling sales letters in a totally new way to make YOUR sales letters sell ! ...

This is a gold mine overlooked! ...

FACT: The most surefire way to produce top selling web copy that pulls-in mega orders is to use what is already working! Realize this … the hard work has already been done by the worlds greatest sales copy writers … Now all you have to do is take their blueprint and use it in YOUR own offers!

And I am not talking about sales copyrighters from 50 to a 100 years ago. Sure you can apply this to their great works, however, this blueprint focuses on the here and now of what's working on the internet today! ...

Anyone selling online (or planning to) will want to know about this ... I am talking about something that is secretly hidden in every top selling sales letter ... Simply put ... it's what makes people buy and Order Button Triggers puts giant magnifying glass on that one thing!

Once you know what makes people buy, you can immediately multiply your efforts pulling in more orders! ...

Picture this: You open up your email and you have tons of orders waiting! ...

Think that's impossible? ... It's Not! ...

Once you see orders coming into your email box, it becomes possible to leave the rat race, pay-off your bills and call your own shots in business ...

And if you've already seen orders coming in ... you know exactly what I mean ... But here's how to really crank up the volume! ...

Knowledge is power ... And this powerful knowledge used correctly can easily get people excited to click your order buttons if you know these secrets. This works everyday on the internet like a charm ... and it's proven to pull-in massive orders! ...

Just for one second ... think of any top internet marketers that come to mind ...

You know what? ...

They all use this in every one of their sales offers ... And it makes them truck loads of money without fail ...

Why is this so important to you? ...

Because If you aren't using it ... you could be losing thousands of dollars in orders! ...

REMEMBER THIS: All top selling sales offers have the 'sales triggers' planted in them that can be easily replicated. If you know this super effective sales formula, you can make people buy!

The selling formula I am talking about here seems almost forbidden because it's so dangerously powerful. Once you see how it works, I'm more than convinced you'll agree ...

If you really want to know how to boost orders for your online products ... or if you are just eager to make your first online sale ... you simply must have this working for you ...

What this uncovers for you is an absolute plug-in way to harness salesmanship in print to make profits! This is something so potent that it makes it extremely possible to take lifeless offers and turn them into super profitable hot sellers! ...

It holds a vital key to the inside motivations that make people whip out their credit card to buy products online!

And it can just as easily be YOUR products people are buying if you know how this works ...

"What Michael has done is systematically and comprehensively reviewed and exposed what makes people 'click' to buy."

Co-Author "Mind Motivators"

Yanik Silver

It's quite inspiring to realize how profitable the Internet can be for smart marketers who know the governing principles behind triggering orders!

It's been like a guarded mystery for such a long time. But now you'll discover how to turn your words into super online profits!

This is the closest thing to a magic bullet I have ever found ... Sales Triggers are what makes us buy ... Everyday we are all influenced by them in all of our buying choices.

Brilliant marketers know that sales triggers fly under the radar and make people buy. I want to show you how to use these same sales triggers so that you too can touch all of the hot buttons in your prospects. Now you can make them want to buy YOUR products!

These are REAL sales strategies that pull-in massive orders everyday on the internet ... Now let it work for you!

I can assure you what I have is something you'll want to know about if you want to break the barrier to getting more online orders for your products ...

So how can this help impact YOUR online business?

Simply put - I level the playing field on a top selling technology that top sellers are using ...

Sound easy? Well, it's not easy until this unique system is fully revealed to you. Then you'll scratch your head and say, "so that's how they make me buy their hot offers almost every time"… And now you can unleash this same selling power in YOUR offers.

Use this and it will be almost impossible for you to write bland offers. Because you will discover exactly what trigger points the top selling sales writers use to suck in huge amounts of orders … And now these top selling SALES TRIGGERS can be working for you too ...

So ... if I put this into YOUR hands ... how much better will YOU do ... how many more orders could YOU be pulling in ... how much more of a success would YOU become?

Note: This is not get rich quick ...There is no such thing and if anyone promises that you will make X amount of dollars in X amount of time - run the other way.

What Order Button Triggers offers is realistic. It's a valuable method that can turn your offers into profits when you follow how the pros are doing it.

You can think of it as a unique modeling method because I show you how to follow the money making techniques embedded deep into sales letters ... and it's quite powerful!

Only Order Button Triggers reveals this ...

Keep this in mind ... inside of all buyers is a trigger. It's what makes them buy when they buy. To access it, all you have to know is which sales triggers spark their buying behaviors.

Now you can be writing offers that eagerly lead prospects to YOUR order button!
I have simplified a system for you that you can almost effortlessly duplicate.

In Order Button Triggers, we thoroughly cover triggers the experts use to get massive orders. And this is top level information you won't easily find in any one integrated place like you will find right here!

That's exactly why have compiled it this way. It's concise, it's powerful and you can use it, not once, not twice, but over and over again to pump oil from your own refinery ... anytime you need it. You won't use this in just one offer ... you'll be using this in ALL of your sales offers!

Not only do I provide you with a drilled-down SIMPLE analysis of how to do it ... but I also grill top Internet marketers on how they get huge online orders and boy do they unload the goods1


It's unbelievable how some marketers are getting rich well into 6 figures by triggering orders 24/7. Here I reveal the hot trigger points they use in sales copy to trigger online orders.

What if we put this same selling technology in YOUR HANDS?

How valuable could this information be to the success of your online marketing?
Think about it!

But at the same time, many other Internet Marketers will fail simply because they lack full knowledge of these very powerful sales stategies work ...

What this reveals for the very 1st time is an easy method to take any top selling sales letter and in essence reflect it's underlying selling code that exists underneath of it! ... A powerful selling code YOU can use!

I'll show you how it all works so now you too can have full-access! ...
And powerful it is! ...

Order Button Triggers is good stuff, and if you read it you're bound to increase your conversion rate for sales of your own product and affiliate products you're promoting.

We're not just talking writing sales letters
here, this book is going to help you put together emails that sell, ads that work better, web pages that lead to sales, ezines, the whole works.

You'll simply be able to write something that makes people buy... and that's why we're all in this marketing business, isn't it?

Personally I now know a lot more than before I read it.

Read this and you could too.

AND you could make someone buy :)

Phil Wiley

I cracked the code and broke it down in little tiny pieces that you can easily digest. Once you put this sales trigger formula in front of your customers ... all of the sudden your website can easily start cranking-in orders like an online credit card terminal.

Order Button Triggers unveils a vault-load of sales triggers that can easily put your customers in the buying mood anytime ...

Every top selling sales letter is loaded with these Hot-Selling sales triggers embedded in the copy that keeps customers buying in droves!

What makes someone buy?

Nicholas will show you. Follow his lead and he will take you to that rare and virtually uninhabited place where only a select few have arrived…that place where dreaming about success online becomes a reality.

You hold in your hands a roadmap that systematically reveals how to get visitors to click on the order button at your site.

What makes someone buy?

You will know after you read this book.

Regards, Jimmy D. Brown

Here's a way to SKY ROCKET your orders ...

Just like their top selling sales letters prove - the experts know how to get customers to whip out their credit cards and "buy it now" online, time and time again. Wouldn't you like to know how to do this too?

Let me push open the vault door for you!

What you'll see is how sales triggers are embedded deep into sales copy. And when used effectively ... they can pull-in a ton of orders!

Do you:

  • sell affiliate products?
  • sell your own info products?
  • sell through newsletters?
  • pre-sell from landing pages?
  • create your own sales copy?

If you said yes to any one of those questions ... let me ask you this ...

Would You Let 11 Top Internet Experts Show You ...

  • The secrets of how they pull in massive online orders?

  • How to master the "Buy It Now" psychology to explode your orders handed down directly from the pros? ...

  • How Sales Triggers motivate people to whip out their credit cards and buy products on the Internet? ...

    If so ... please read on ...
Order Button Triggers does contain an interview series with top notch marketing experts exclusive to one subject only - How to trigger orders for YOUR Internet products for making PROFITS, and it's never before been covered like this ever!

But this is NOT just an interview ebook only ... You'll also discover fresh new techniques designed to get your order buttons exploding with order clicks !

This is 2 ebook courses in 1 ... a double payload of information unrivaled by anything like it - anywhere!

Featuring a superior cast of 11 Top Internet experts that Trigger Massive Orders Online!

(In Alphabetical Order)

Joel Christopher
Jim Edwards
Frank Garon
Chuck McCullough
Jonathan Mizel
Jason Potash
Neil Shearing
Yanik Silver
Jeff Smith
Joe Vitale
Damon G. Zahariades

Their formulas are already working selling thousands of products online now!

Let them show you how they do it!

But please don't think this is yet another version of something else you've already tried or heard of ... because ...

I'll give you a brand new toolbox filled with sales trigger techniques all laid out so you can put it to use right away, simply & effectively! ...


Now EVERYONE will know the secrets to turning casual visitors into eager buyers -- how they are hypnotized into wanting your products so bad they can't wait to hit the order button.

I've been in this business quite a while now, and I really wish your product had been around when I first started! All serious marketers need to see this amazing information.

Jeff Smith,

But maybe you are someone that thinks that you don't need to create your own sales offers ... Wrong!

Think about it ... Every time someone buys online products from ebooks, subscription sites to software and more ... what convinces them to buy?

The sales copy

But let's take that even further ... It's the Sales Triggers IN THE SALES COPY that pulls in orders sucking in sales 24 hours per day ... Day after day, week after week and month after month!

That's why you need to hit the hot-buttons in your sales messages to sell online ... and that's just a plain fact!

Order Button Triggers is like putting a giant magnifying glass on Sales Triggers and the hot-button emotions that are in all top selling sales pages.

It makes it virtually impossible for you not to clearly see how the experts use these Sales Triggers to get massive orders ... And now YOU can use the same techniques they use!

Your Sales Offer IS your Wallet! ... ( Never forget that ) ...

In fact ... there is nothing more valuable online than creating



With Order Button Triggers ...

You won't have to lose any more time by
trial and error

(You can start pulling in orders Now!)

You won't have to spend years to become an expert

(You just follow these proven expert formulas)

You won't have to
give up on Internet marketing

(You have a new chance to trigger YOUR success!)


Order Button Triggers improves your sales offers by showing you how to use
profit - pulling sales triggers that give you a powerful selling edge!


You get 3 important factors working for you with Order Button Triggers that you won't find anywhere else...

  • The Buyer's Perspective (see through the buyer's mind to sell more)
  • The Seller's Perspective (featured as 'hot' out-of-the-vault revealing expert interviews)
  • Every Trigger needed to use in your sales letters and marketing letters ...
    ( including well over 100 sales triggers that are proven sellers) ... and how to use them!

    Before you know it, you'll be putting profit-pulling sales triggers in YOUR own
    sales letters ... just like the pros ...

    Not Even Fancy Software Generators Can Do For Your Offers What This WILL!

If you use those popular sales letter software programs that automatically generate a sales letter for you, that's OK! ... But, you'll still need to know how to use the emotional sales triggers that unleash real human reactions ... Or, you'll have a bland automated sales letter presentation at best ...

The triggers you'll have access to in Order Button Triggers reach-in and grab the hot buttons of buying behaviors ... And this is not something that you can automatically generate with software ... However, this will work great along with sales letter generators actually enhancing them.

Remember, sales letters target human emotions as that's just not a mechanical thing, and never will be. The best sales letters and marketing letters are created by real people that know how to appeal to the human emotions.

It's not brain surgery ... YOU CAN DO THIS! ... It's EASY once you know how ...

You'll see a difference in YOUR sales offers ... and it will be dramatic!

Order Button Triggers gives you inside information on turning YOUR product offers into HOT SELLERS!

Imagine being able to take the "Buy It Now " mood, and run it like a movie, over and over again in your prospect's mind?

It's all thoroughly explained here in Order Button Triggers ... And if you sell anything or plan to sell anything online (or offline) using sales copy ... you'll want to have this powerful sales weapon to explode your orders! ...

This is not the web's latest fad or a new theoretical idea that will fade out next month ... This is trade secret information handed down from the experts and is not something you'll find on just any Internet street corner ... This is highly specialized information ...

You'll unlock the mind-vault and tap into what drives people to buy!

HOW TO TRIGGER ORDERS ... where you'll learn ...

Check MarkHow to turn YOUR website into a Credit Card Order Machine!

Check Mark
How to put your customers in the "Buy It Now" mood!

How to use over 100 sales Triggers to explode your orders !

Formulas on where to place your order button links in your sales page!

How to spark the hot buttons of buyer behavior to get more orders!

Secrets of product price points and how it affects buying decisions!

Which call-to-action phrases get the most order clicks!

The power of the P. S. and how to use it to crank up orders!

How to embed "Emotional Mind Bait" into all of your offers!

and much much more ...

Why even think of putting your product out there without the power of these marketing secrets behind you?

To sell online without this kind of information would be equivalent to dumping tons of extra orders down the cyber drain. But, you don't have to risk that … because ...

I have hand-picked 11 super qualified Internet marketers that speak from experience and they are experts on this subject.

What they'll reveal to you is 11 totally unique, highly specific approaches on how to create the " buy it now" mood in your customers ...

These experts pull in massive orders and you'll hear how they do it ... up close and personal ...
We're talking, Tried, True & Tested "Order Producing Formulas" ... right at your fingertips!.

This expert panel held nothing back in their interviews ... Using their experience they lay it all out for YOU clearly!

This is awesome my friend!

Love the look of your website and sales letter too. I'd like to interview you on my Teleseminar series. DOERS like you deserve a platform to reach thousands of people.

I knew from the day we spoke on the phone, you're gonna deliver!

Take care Mike.

Salamat (Thank You) and Best of Success!

Joel Christopher

Hi Michael:

This thing looks AWESOME!!! It is packed, packed, packed.

I am VERY excited about this.

Job well done, brother!

Frank Garon,

Dear Michael,

I am always eager to learn how to improve my sites' sales and conversion rates, so I was thrilled when I opened 'Order Button Triggers', skipped ahead to the interviews, and had an 'Ah-ha! - What a GREAT idea!' moment just 3 short paragraphs into your interview with Joel Christopher.

And EACH interview offers unique and solid information. Congratulations on having gathered such a fine selection of masters in the art of persuasion.

Anyone who reads 'Order Button Triggers' will surely learn how turn more of their visitors into paying customers... and that IS the ultimate objective.

Good work, Michael!

Rosalind Gardner

Michael, you've really done it this time...

I wish this was the first copywriting
manual I read! You've laid out the fundamental principles of why people buy so clearly, a blind monkey could understand them!

I strongly believe 90% of all copywriters will derive GREAT value from your T.A.S...

...And copycatting your way to a million dollar sales letter has never been easier before your mind blowing interviews!"

Thank you very much,
Bogdan Ravaru

Hey Michael,

Your book is awesome! I've waited for quite some time now to see the finished product, and all I can say is it was definitely worth the wait!

I really like the fact that you basically wrote an ebook, then added case studies, and THEN added interviews. What an excellent way to mix up teaching methods to help make the points hit home.

I've read it, but am going back to read again because there is so much great knowledge between those digital covers, I'd be an idiot not to memorize every point!

You have a real winner here man, and I'm honored to have been a part of it (and of history too I'm sure;-)

Chuck McCullough,

Dear Michael,

I have just finished reading “Order Button Triggers” and I wanted you to let you know that it is one of the best marketing eBooks I have ever read.

You have approached the whole subject of psychological triggers in such a professional and comprehensive way that anyone who is serious about online marketing simply MUST have this book on their desks.

The depth of material and your detailed explanations alone will help me to improve my web copy. But then the interviews and case studies contain some really valuable hints, tips and techniques too!

“Order Button Triggers” is really three books in one and I will be testing and tracking some of those triggers on my web site straight away!

John Taylor

"Michael, my first reaction to this ebook was - 'Oh no! Not another ebook! Not another bunch of interviews!'

But, after going through it, I am stunned to see the precision with which you dissect sales letters and identify individual triggers. If learning by doing is great, this analysis is awesome. Terrific value at any price!

Highly recommended!"

Arun Agrawal
Top 10 Ranking on Google or 100% money back!

"Hi Michael

You deserve a medal.

For anyone struggling to get visitors to order on their web sites, this ebook is a positive must. They should not only read it, but should study it carefully and act on the unique information you present.

You're going to make a lot of people very happy with this and I highly recommend it. The info in there is simply fantastic!"

Steve Shaw,

Technical eMarketer

Hi Michael,

Your Order Button Triggers is simply fantastic and well worth the
price (or I should rather say it's underpriced...!)

I hardly can believe that someone could write such a step-by-step guide for copywriting. It makes certain kind of software products almost superfluous... Now whenever I will come across a sales
letter which makes me whip out my credit card, I will save it for future reference and analyze the order button triggers the author has used.

Your detailed analysis of what makes prospects "tick" and why they are clicking the order button at last, is an invaluable tool for me to which I will be referring to, every time I need to write a new sales letter. And the interviews with some of the best marketers around have given me some additional insights of how they are getting those huge amounts of orders for their products.

Best of all, I can use those triggers to improve my emails and ads as well. I'm quite sure your Order Button Triggers will increase my bottom line by leaps and bounds...

So thanks a lot, Michael !

Detlev Reimer

A major part of what makes Order Button Triggers so different is that it also comes along with a fully dedicated course integrated inside.

This is 2 books in 1 ... It's 198 pages of solid knowledge - one part interviews and the other part an easy to follow course packaged together into 1 powerful ebook!

This is the Internet's freshest material on how to get orders for your products ...
It contains a totally NEW approach that YOU haven't seen before ...
Nothing is rehashed from other ebooks ...

Now combine these powerful interviews along with my study course and we've bottled the psychology on how to get orders online, right here! And ... it's all integrated into one
well-rounded ebook ...

There is more than 30 years of collective Internet Marketing
experience contained inside
Order Button Triggers!

You will gain valuable selling knowledge from these experts included in my panel ...
If you sell or plan to sell products online ...YOU need this vital information! And ... with over 30 years of collective Internet experience behind you ... all you need to do is tap into it and see for yourself.

Anyone interested in marketing on the Internet can jump leaps and bounds ahead having access to this top level information!

Think about it ... I ask the experts specific questions on how they generate orders for their products ... and YOU get to have access to what in essence is a combination to unlock a vault of orders for YOUR products ! ...

But Wait! ... There's Even More ...

I am introducing my Trigger Association System TM (TAS)

TAS is a totally new sales letter analysis system that you've never seen anywhere! And it's easy as 1-2-3 ...

You'll only find it here in ... Order Button Triggers!

TAS is my secret weapon that I have personally developed to analyze successful sales letters to lift their underlying blueprint. Even the experts love this one ... and so will you ...

You see ... success leaves clues and TAS exposes the embedded sales triggers revealing the successful strategies the top marketers use to get credit cards jumping out of wallets!

Sound Powerful?... IT IS!
Never again will you think about "TRIGGERS" quite the same ... Because we take things down a whole different lane of the Internet highway! And that's No Hype ...

I'll take you on a guided tour analyzing successful sales letters like no other ... TAS is like looking at an X-RAY of a sales letter to see the underlying motivation that creates
the "buy it now" mood!

will show you how the experts embed sales triggers and drive people to click the order button like crazy! The hard work is already done now you can just take it and use it ... I'll show you how easy it is ...

TAS Will Show You How To:

Trigger The Buying Emotions

Accelerate Your Customers Buying Interest

Identify The Hot Spots Of Buying Behaviors

Unlock Real Buying Impulses

Influence Buying Decisions

Boost Your Product's Selling Power Instantly

Trigger Orders

How much do you think it would cost to consult with the top experts in Order Button Triggers?

On the extreme low-end of consulting time with this level of experts it would be somewhere in the range of $150 per hour - per expert. Now keep in mind some of these experts charge much more than that ... So your value of inside marketing advice would total $1500 to $2000 on the rock-bottom end to hire these 11 experts to gain access to this same information.

But you won't have to pay anywhere near $1500 or $2000 for the exact same information I am offering you right here ... I was told I could easily ask 3 figures for this level of a product. But you won't even have to pay that today ...

Tempted as I was to set the price much higher ... I have agreed to discount it at
only $47 ... if you act Right Now! ... This price could easily be increased very soon and when it does ... the price goes up to $97...So be sure to get it at the lower price Right NOW while this offer lasts!

$47 is quite a small investment to learn how to turn YOUR products into HOT SELLERS!

There is zero risk and if you can afford a dinner out ... you CAN afford to give yourself the opportunity to improve your online success ...

Grab hold of this hot order producing information and you too can get on the road to generating massive orders for YOUR products ... Grab it today ... it's fully Guaranteed!

You won't pay the sugessted $97... You'll pay only $47 ...

Secure Online Ordering

In just the next 10 minutes or less can be downloading
your own PDF copy of Order Button Triggers and start on your way to
Triggering Your Own Success!

100% GUARANTEED 90 Days No Questions Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee! - 60 Days Unconditional Refund Policy

Order Button Triggers comes in a PDF ebook format and is PC or Mac friendly.

You'll be directed to our download site for instant access!

When I read Michael's 'Order Button Triggers' I visited his site again just to read more about him... "Does he have a Ph.D.?" - that's what I thought and also asked Michael about this:)

'Order Button Triggers' is a well standing analysis of what good sales copy must include - and Why. The first 90 pages define and analyze all 'triggers' and offer pure unique information - what I call 'fountain-knowledge'. I also enjoyed all interviews offered too, from page 97 to 198, because they all FOCUS on the best methods you can use to put your customers in the "buy it now" mood.

I wish I had written that analysis, but to tell you the truth: I have never thought of this! Good work Michael!

John Delavera,
Creator of TurboReferer, Special Offer Manager and of other viral marketing automated solutions for Internet Marketers.


I read through your manual and I must say I'm really impressed with your efforts to explain the psychology that makes us buy, or not buy. Not really an easy subject to talk and write about but you explained it all in a very easy to read manual with many examples. I really like the section about the different buying filters that exist and what we go through when ordering, or not ordering. I recognized myself in these different filters when buying something online. Only I did not realize it, and now I do.

I have a better insight after reading your manual in what drives me and other people to order something. Also, your TAS system I've read with a lot of interest. And the interviews are the finishing touch illustrating everything you explained. I'm not a copywriter but I'm sure I can use your tips in many other ways like in writing ads and pre-selling affiliate products, … It's really a quality work. Great manual and I recommend it to everyone who plans to sell his or her own products online. Once again, great work!

-Stefan Everaet -

Michael, thanks so much for releasing, Order Button Triggers! You did well to have Joe Vitale in this first release of the product. Several things he mentioned have motivated me to make changes to my web pages right away!

Thanks for this incredible breakthrough resource!

Kennon Fort

But that's still not all ...

You'll Also Receive ...

"Lifetime Updates of Additional OBT Interviews"
(as they're added on)

A $97 value every time you receive a new continuing series ...

Plus some useful unadvertised bonuses too ...

Remember ... You get The full interviews of trade secrets featuring:

Joel Christopher
Jim Edwards
Frank Garon
Chuck McCullough
Jonathan Mizel
Jason Potash
Neil Shearing
Yanik Silver
Jeff Smith
Joe Vitale
Damon G. Zahariades

These formulas are already working selling thousands of products on the web now!
Order Button Triggers shows you a totally NEW & EASY approach to breaking into the 5 % success crowd that get ALL of the online orders ...

This is about YOUR Internet Success and getting on other side of the sale ...
' the selling side' where your customers

Here's how to download Your PDF copy Instantly ... for only $97

It's just


Secure Online Ordering


In just the next 10 minutes or less ... you can be downloading your copy of
Order Button Triggers
and start on your way to Triggering Your Own Success!

Why wait when there are...

NO Risks - NO Obligations -
No Hassles

Our Policy Fully Protects Your Investment With Our


100% GUARANTEED 90 Days No Questions Asked



Order Button Triggers
comes in a PDF ebook format and is PC or
Mac friendly.

You'll be directed to our download site for instant access!

You'll be using this EASY SELLING PROFIT SYSTEM for years to come because what these experts reveal here will not fade-away anytime soon!

This is real experience talking and without experience like this behind you, your offer can easily fail and drift off into oblivion. It happens every day on the Internet ... Don't let this happen to you ... I am so confident that you'll be using the techniques, tips and strategies in Order Button Triggers ... because if you want to sell anything on the Internet, it comes down to one thing and one thing only ... how many orders your products pull in.
This is exactly what Order Button Triggers is all about!

I urge you to try this out today
... It's totally RISK FREE!

Wishing you the best at Internet success ...


Michael Nicholas

P.S. Isn't it time YOU discover the real motivational elements that drive people to click the order button and buy products now on the Internet? Why not learn how to turn YOUR products into HOT SELLERS with this easy selling profit system! Start increasing orders for your products with Order Button Triggers today! You'll be guided by 11 top marketing experts using their order-producing formulas that are proven to work. This is top-level trade secret information at YOUR fingertips. And it's only $97 $47 if you act today ...

Once you have access to this super profitable information ... what's to stop you from using these same proven techniques to start getting more orders for YOUR products?... Now you can get started right-away! Plus, you also get my complete Trigger Association System that reveals my secret weapon which identifies Triggers and how smart marketers use them. Now you'll have a way to unlock the blueprint of any top selling successful sales letter and borrow from it's high power selling strategies ... You have my Full 60 Day Risk-Reversal Policy - 100% Guaranteed!



Foreword by Jimmy D. Brown

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